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  • January 01, 2020
  • Edgar C.

What is time tracking?

Time tracking is a new concept for time management for companies. With time tracking, the main objective is to maintain a record of the activity in the company’s computers, which is obtained through a time tracker software. The time tracker software is essentially a program installed on a collaborator’s computer, which is called the agent. The agent collects real-time activity information as activity detection, programs used, intensity for the activity, etc. All the collected information and events come with an associated timestamp. The collected information can be optionally preprocessed or sent to a remote server which will secure, keep, organize, and quantify the information in a digested form for futures reports and analysis.

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What is a time tracking tool for?

Time tracking software can be used by small and big companies for non-exluyent two purposes:

  • Measure and optimize productivity in the company.
  • For preventing a bad use of the assets in the company, which could be: time, information, resources.
  • As a collaboration tool.

The time tracker software can be used to generate reports about:

  • start of the activities of the users,
  • worked time and interruptions time,
  • most used applications,
  • most used web pages,
  • status and characteristics the hardware,

all that with the possibility to be analyzed at different levels, e.g., used, team, or company. Additionally, a time tracker software can also be used for auditing purposes. The records about the activity can be used to review the progress of activity in the company. Elements as timestamps, intensity, screenshots, and information about the performed activity can be used to review at any time the correct execution of the task. Although the idea of auditing must not be a frequent practice, this kind of information if of so much value for preventing looses and fails in the company, optimizing processes in the company and also motivates to have an environment of honesty at work.

Time trackers can also be used as collaboration tools. Since a time tracker software obtains information in real-time, teams can measure the activity while working, thus, the company must not wait to the end of the day to detect poor performance or fails, teams can detect problems at the moment through the software, avoiding the interruption of the work caused by the human performed periodic revisions of the work.

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Where a time tracker can be used?

The concept of a time tracker has no geographical limits. This kind of software can be used at small-medium of big companies to measure productivity in place, where all the collaborators and teams work in the physical office, but it also works for distributed teams around the world. The use of time trackers for distributed teams opens the doors for new kind of work:

  • geographical distributed (home office, or multi-facility companies),
  • internationally distributed teams (with a difference of time zones),
  • and Flexible jobs also called flexjobs.

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Is it difficult to implement in a company?

The short answer to it is NO. Most of the time tracker software is designed to be implemented immediately. It only requires creating an account with a time tracker provider, set up at least a user or collaborator, and install the agent in the computer to track. These three steps take around five or ten minutes to start obtaining results.

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Is it legal?

The time track is not something new. In the past existed programs for tracking time in LAN environments. That kind of software was intended to be used by schools, cyber cafes, and also for companies with physical offices. By the limitation of the Internet of that time, the implementation of that kind of technology was limited to LAN networks. Nowadays exist we live in a tracked digital environment. Companies like Google, Facebook, and almost every service we access on the Internet is tracked. Information about our IP, geolocation, preferences, etc. is used every day by the providers and for us to obtain benefits from the technology. The technology must be seen as a tool for improving the quality of life. The key for that is ensuring that information is used correctly and having the highest security measures.

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Online time tracking tools are the new concept of time management and productivity. The continuous evolution of the market and the need for new solutions to problems as mobility, security, and health along with the need of maintaining productivity in the companies, gives as result the implementation of new solutions. The implementation time tracking software depends on the characteristics of each company, but since most of the companies have activities or positions where the work is performed in computers, we think that time tracking software can be implemented virtually in every company.